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# 2 Desire

# 2 Desire

| January 09, 2017
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Knowing what you want in life is not enough. Nor will wishing or hoping to achieve success help you. Desire acts as the catalyst with your thoughts and beliefs, supplying the needed emotion to succeed.

Four helpful steps for fueling desire:

Step 1: Write down a clear and concise statement of what it is you wish to obtain.

 Step 2: Outline what you intend to do or give to achieve this objective. There is no such thing as something for nothing. What skills, knowledge, disciplines and actions will you obtain or practice? Be clear and concise.

 Step 3: Promise yourself to let nothing stop you from obtaining your objectives. Make a commitment to yourself to do whatever is necessary to achieve your goal. Be firm in your resolution.

Step 4: Read this statement over twice every day. Read it upon rising in the morning, and again before you go to sleep, and begin immediately to put this plan to work.

A strong, burning desire to obtain and possess the goal you are pursuing is the starting point for all achievement.

This isn’t a vague wish or a simple hope; it is something much more powerful than that. Burning desire, when properly ignited, takes on a life and power of its own and empowers you in hundreds of different ways.

There is a Zen parable that will help to illustrate this. A Zen monk and his student were walking by the river when the young student begins to plead with his master, “How do I become enlightened? What must I do?”

The master grabbed him roughly, pulled him into the river and pushed him under the water until the young student was completely submerged. The Zen master continued to hold the student under water and soon the student began to thrash frantically. But still the master held him under the water.

Desperately the student tried to free himself, to no avail. Finally, just at the point of drowning, the master released his grip and the student surfaced, gasping for air.

“What were you thinking while I held you under the water?” the master asked. “At first I thought of many things,” the student answered. “But after a few seconds, when there was no sign that you would let me up, all I could think of was: Air! Air! Give me air!”

 “ When you desire enlightenment with the same intensity,” said the master smiling, “ you will soon have it.”

The same applies to achieving your goals. You must desire it with your whole being. Desire is the fuel that propels you towards your objectives and influences your thoughts and actions. Desire helps you overcome obstacles and draw inspiration from your subconscious.

A strong desire combined with prosperity beliefs and continuous action towards your goal will attract to you the people, circumstances and situations you need to be successful.

* All of the information above is directly quoted from or is my interpretation of readings in a book by John Kehoe; Money Success & You: Harness Your Mind to Achieve Prosperity 


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