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21 Cents to Forget Resolutions & Become Resolute

21 Cents to Forget Resolutions & Become Resolute

| January 08, 2017
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Many of us have heard that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Factual or not, what we choose to believe becomes our reality and its a good start. So here's 21 cents instead of just the proverbial "two".

# 1 Opportunities Are Everywhere : An excerpt From John Kehoe's book Money Success and You

Every time you find yourself thinking there are no opportunities around, remind yourself of this indisputable fact : There are people who haven't been born yet that will make great fortunes, in the stock market, in real estate, who will climb to the top of the very industry where you now find yourself employed.

These intrepid individuals will start new businesses that no one has ever thought of before. This in turn will pioneer still new industries that will create more opportunities. It never stops.

There will be men and women who will rise to be leaders and champions in business, sports and the arts. There will be social activists who will make breakthroughs in crime poverty and the environment.

So if they can do it, and they aren't even born yet, what about you? What's your excuse?

Don't you in fact have a head start on them ? Think about it. They aren't even born yet.



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